About Bins

BCET Institute of Nursing Sciences is upcoming Nursing Institute in Durgapur which is set up under the aegis of SKS Educational and Social Trust. Presently the College is offering B.Sc Nursing with intake of 60 and GNM with intake of 60.

At BCET Institute of Nursing Sciences, we stand as a beacon of excellence in nursing education. With a legacy spanning years, we have honed the art of producing skilled and compassionate nurses. 

Our curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to blend theoretical knowledge with extensive clinical practice, nurturing clinical proficiency and critical thinking. Patient-centredcare, ethical principles, and evidence-based practice are at the heart of our teachings, ensuring graduates embody professionalism and deliver holistic care. We cultivate teamwork, leadership acumen, and cultural sensitivity to prepare nurses for the dynamic healthcare landscape. Our graduates are equipped to excel in various healthcare settings, advocating for health promotion and disease prevention. As we continue to evolve, we remain committed to fostering nurses who will shape the future of healthcare with unwavering dedication and competence. Join us and embark on a journey of comprehensive learning and impactful service.